Vir, one of 300 islands and islets in the archipelago of Zadar,, is situated in the Sea of Vir, in the northwestern part of Dalmatia. The distance to the city of Zadar is 25 km, the coastlinearound Virmeasures is 31.43 km. On the island´s coastside you will find alarge number of lovely bays and sandy beaches, most of them untouched, nice for swimming or for anchoring with qour boat. A particularity is the woddy islet of Sloljic with its lang sand beach, in close vicinity to the brige that connects the island of Vir to the mainland.

Vir was für the first time mentioned in the year 1069 in a dontion document, known as "Mare Nostrum dalmaticum". of the croatian king Petar Kresimir IV. The island is inhabited since the prehistoric, wich is prowed by the dig outs of Gradine or the grave hills of the Liburnians. On several Vir beaches, e.g. in the bay of Spavac, close to the venetian castle ruin Kastelin from the 16-th century, there is natural healing mud against rheumatic diseases.

Thanks to its central location in the croatian Adriatic Vir is ideal as a starting point for various excursions, e.g. to the 4 national parks Paklenica with its impressive canyons, the archipelago of Kornati with about 200 islands and islets, the Krka waterfalls and the lakes of Plitvica. In the near vicinity are the old croatian town of Nin and the 3000 years old Zadar, whose pictorial old town contains a huge amount of cultural heritage.
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Dragan Dragicevic
Velika Slatina XVI/18 Vir
23234 Vir


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